Millions worldwide suffer from Migraine, a severe form of headache. What causes Migraine is not yet very clear. It is thought that there are many factors which causes it. Following are some triggers of migraine:-

  1. Weather. Extremeties of weather, very hot, very cold or very humid
  2. Foods. Serotonin containing foods like aged cheese , aged wine and foods emitting strong smells
  3. Hormones in the body. Hormonal fluctuations in the body. This normally occurs around puberty and menopause.
  4. Stressful Periods. Throbbing headaches can also occur when a person is under stress

Though many ways exist and are practised to control Migraine, none can be said to be 100 percent effective. Following do contribute to eliminating / controlling migraine:-

  1. Blocked sinuses paly a big role in causing ache around the eyes, forehead, jaws and face. Avoid foods like curd, rice, water melon at night. Steam inhaled with neem leaves clears most sinuses. Even eucalyptus oil helps.
  2. Always eat something before you leave home. Remeber a low blood pressure is one of the causes of migraine.
  3. Maintain your digestive system. If your bowel movement is not are not good, migraine could attack you. Gas in the intestines is a cause.
  4. Keep away from refined sugar, aged cheese, aged wine.
  5. Eat as much of fresh vegetables and fruits as you can. Consume coriander and mint chutneys, mixed or separate. Bael sherbet keeps intestines in good order.
  6. Exercise only at cool time of the today.
  7. Practice Yoga.
  8. Women should take precuations during PMS;  they should eat more fruits and vegetables during this period. Leafy vegetables like spinach, Sarson, soy and fruits help.

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